This photo is four years old, but it’s the only one I have, so it’ll have to do; I’m harder to photograph than a yeti. For anyone keen to find out about me, there’s plenty of information in the About section of:  http://danielledevalera.wordpress.com

A Bit on the Genesis of this Blog

I first started to write a blog called Tips for Writers way back in August 2011 at: http://danielledevalera.wordpress.com

After a while, I found I was incorporating other things into the blog. All sorts of things crept in — the python who decided to slide into my study one night unannounced, hoping to eat my cat; information about my latest novel or short story (I plan to put out 12 short stories in 2014), the occasional book review, and guest posts by other writers with new work out. God help me, I had developed a taste for the personal blog, and my blog had morphed into something miscellaneous, a far cry from what I thought I had originally intended.

It took me a long time to realise that I needed two blogs: one for manuscript assessments/editing and general advice to writers, one for myself, my books and the work of other writers.

If you’re a writer with work out on the web and you’d like to guest post on: http://danielledevalera.wordpress.com email me at danielledevalera@gmail.com so we can discuss it.

As for me taking two years and ten months to discover I needed two blogs, Better late than never, as they say.


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