Pen, paper, glasses~   Danielle de Valera was my first manuscript assessor. You can expect an honest and insightful assessment from Ms de Valera, and her constructive criticisms are delivered with courtesy and genuine care for her clients. Not only is she encouraging and supportive, but she dedicates considerable effort to staying abreast of the current publishing trends and marketing strategies. Her ongoing advice and support remain invaluable to me many years after our first contact; without it, I sincerely doubt I would have seen two of my novels published and the third recently accepted.

Shaune Lafferty Webb


~   At various times, I’ve received some useful advice from beta readers, but I often thought that something was missing in my fiction, something that betas didn’t identify. I had never worked with a professional editor, and until Danielle looked over a novel that was finished but unsatisfying, I had no idea what a skilled professional could do. She went right to the heart of what was wrong with it, and made it so perfectly clear that I had no trouble planning revisions that would take it to a higher level. She also did this as a favor for a short story that I mistakenly thought was finished. Her insight seems to be more a matter of intuition than of training. To me, it feels awesome, like supernatural wisdom rather than mere intellect. 

I feel very lucky to have found her and I’m looking forward to her critique for my first nonfiction book. It’s a project that’s too close to my heart to submit to just anyone, and I know that Danielle will have no hesitation in showing me every step that goes astray.


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